Diet for a Small Planet

20th Anniversary Edition

by Frances Moore Lappé Buy Now

Here again is the extraordinary bestselling book that taught America the social and personal significance of a new way of eating—one that remains a complete guide for eating well in the new millennium. Featuring: simple rules for a healthy diet; a streamlined, easy-to-use format; delicious food combinations of protein-rich meals without meat; hundreds of wonderful recipes, and much more.

Sharing her personal evolution and how this groundbreaking book changed her own life, world-renowned food expert Frances Moore Lappé offers an all-new, even more fascinating philosophy on changing yourself—and the world—by changing the way you eat.


  • Simple rules for a healthy diet
  • Streamlined, easy-to-use format
  • Food combinations that make delicious, protein-rich meals without meat
  • Indispensable kitchen hints—a comprehensive reference guide for planning and preparing meals and snacks
  • Hundreds of wonderful recipes

ISBN 9780345321206

Responses to Diet for a Small Planet

A foundational book for modern vegetarianism, finally providing a thoroughly argued rationale that did not rely on the cruelty-to-animals argument.
—Publishers Weekly

Table of Contents

List of Figures
Diet for a Small Planet Twenty Years Later—An Extraordinary Time to Be Alive

BOOK ONE: Diet for a Small Planet

Part I. Recipe for a Personal Revolution
Part II. Diet for a Small Planet
Part III. Diet for a Small Planet Revisited
Part IV. Lessons for the Long Haul

BOOK TWO: Eating Well on a Small Planet: Complementary Protein Recipes, Menus, Tips
Part I. Tips for Making Meals Without Meat
Part II. Meatless Meals in a Dish
Part III. Meatless Menus for Special Occasions
Part IV. And All the Extras