Small Planet Podcasts

October 1, 2013/Webinar
Frances Moore Lappé speaks on “Food as Teacher” at Colby College.

May 21, 2013/Webinar
The world saw its first breach of the 400 ppm , a concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere not seen since the Pliocene epoch millions of years ago. And the world experienced the hottest summer and the most violent storms on record. Do we need a new way of thinking? In her interview with Fairness Radio, Frances Moore Lappé says "yes".

May 7, 2013/Webinar
Green Sisterhood is honored to interview author, Frances Moore Lappé, about her newest book, EcoMind. She delves into how to take us out of our fear to see the possibilities of what we CAN do to create the world we want. She illustrates powerful examples of people who made tremendous strives, urges community collaboration, and leads by example.

April 24, 2013/Webinar
Co-produced by the Sustainable World Coalition and The Shift Network, the Spring of Sustainability brings the biggest names in the environmental and environmental justice movements to the world to address: the most pressing global issues, inspiring sources of hope, and what each of us can do to make a difference.

April 22, 2013/Radio Interview WNPV Philadelphia AM 1440
Frances speaks with WNPV about the themes in EcoMind and her "possibilist" outlook. She believes that "it is the way we think about the problems that hold us back" from solutions. One of the first steps we can make is to "get our democracy back" with the help of organizations like