Power & Democratic Life

Power & Democratic Life

Today’s problems are too deep and interconnected to be solved from the top down. Solutions require infusing the power of citizens’ voices and values throughout our public lives and removing the power of money from governance. Living Democracy is an enlivening culture in which the values of inclusion, fairness and mutual accountability show up in a wide range of human relationships. It is about empowering individuals to make changes, from the bottom up.

Small Planet Resources for Empowerment & Living Democracy

Learn more about organizations that embody the Living Democracy movement. Find resources to inform your understanding of our democratic life, and discover courage to create a world we want.

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Resources for Living Democracy, Including Downloadable Tools

Democracy is not merely a set system of government, something done to us or for us. It is the way we interact and experience democratic principles such as transparency, mutual accountability and the dispersion of power throughout our lives.

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Solutions-Based Resources and Campaigns

We’ve identified resources, campaigns and organizations that are helping to lead the way by examining root causes of today’s problems. They recognize that the values of democracy apply just as much in economic life and cultural life as in political life.

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