Iowa Environmental Council Annual Conference

November 3, 2011 - 9:00am
Parents Hall, Olmsted Center at Drake University
Des Moines, IA

Join Frances for her keynote speech at the Iowa Environmental Council's annual conference in Des Moines. In her speech, Frances will be discussing her research and themes from her latest book, EcoMind: Changing the Way we Think to Create the World we Want, in which she confronts the accepted wisdom of environmentalism. Drawing on the latest research from anthropology to neuroscience and her own field experience, she argues that the biggest challenge to human survival isn’t our fossil fuel dependency, melting glaciers, or other calamities. Rather, it’s our faulty way of thinking about these environmental crises that robs us of power.

Using food-related examples, Moore Lappé will argue that finding our power to make change requires a shift in one’s mental map from one focused on things to focusing on relationships of power. It means a shift from a frame of deficits to a frame of possibility. Lappé dismantles seven common “thought traps”—from limits to growth to the failings of democracy— that belie what we now know about nature, including our own, and offers contrasting “thought leaps” that reveal our hidden power.

Human beings have what it takes to make the turn toward life. Bringing forth the best requires the dispersion of power—from cooperatives to participatory planning to mutually accountable citizens and government.

The conference begins at 9:00am, with registration beginning at 8:00am. Frances' lecture will be at 9:30am, with book signings taking place during morning and lunch breaks. For more information, including registration and ticket prices, visit the IEC's event page

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