Resources for Teaching EcoMind

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Tools from Frances, Anna, and Small Planet are used in classrooms across the country aiding students in their understanding of complex topics such as contemporary agriculture and food politics, or government and political theory. Professors covering these subjects can look to these resources to explore the root causes of today’s biggest challenges.

Small Planet Resources - For Educators

Our resources both inform and inspire action. From agriculture and food politics to power and democracy as a living system, look to the Lappés for influential works that cover today's most pressing issues.

Special Appearances

Can't bring Frances and Anna to your school? Try this virtual connection! The Lappés offer Skype sessions to classes that read their books. These video classes are a great opportunity for students to interact with the authors and engage in lively discussions.

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Resources for Living Democracy, Including Downloadable Tools

Democracy is not merely a set system of government, something done to us or for us. It is the way we interact and experience democratic principles such as transparency, mutual accountability and the dispersion of power throughout our lives.

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Resources for Teaching EcoMind

EcoMind, which Jane Goodall has called “powerful and inspiring” is used in colleges and universities worldwide. Here you will find downloadable tools to enhance your teaching of the themes therein. We've also developed an open-source, multimedia workshop that can be used independently of the book.

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Food Movement Timeline

In celebration of the fortieth anniversary of the food movement, we—with the help of friends—have created an interactive timeline of the food movement. Check it out and explore the impressive developments of the food movement.

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Fact Sheets

Our fully-cited one-pagers on topics related to the themes of our work are available for use in your classroom or community. Please share widely!

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