Meet Up

Small Planet Citizens Meetup Everywhere!

The Small Planet Institute hosts Small Planet Citizen Meetups throughout the greater-Boston community in an effort to engage people from all walks of life in discussion about some of today’s greatest challenges and to explore ways of realizing their visions of Living Democracy. In addition to hosting our own Meetups, the Small Planet Institute also supports individuals and groups in running their own events. Whether facilitated by us or run by you, the purpose of Small Planet Citizen Meetups is to bring together diverse views and opinions in order to create a vibrant and insightful discussion about pressing issues, from Clean Elections to Localization, and to envision meaningful ways forward toward solutions.

Small Planet Citizen Meetups provide a great opportunity to catch up with old friends and meet new allies. No matter what your passion is—food, hunger, the environment, growing inequality, or meaningful democracy—it is hard to foresee solutions unless we tackle these challenges together. We hope that Small Planet Citizen Meetups can spark a larger movement to bring people together on their own terms. If we can gather 30 people here in Cambridge, just imagine what we can accomplish worldwide!